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LG gets ready to rumble live mobile TV


LG is prepped to do for live TV what the Rumble Pak did for game controllers. That's right, LG is partnered with MBC (think NBC, with an "M") to deliver what they've dubbed "3D broadcast technology" in S.Korea. No, we're not talking about TV mapped along the ol' X,Y, and Z axes. Instead, the duo is hawking two dimensions of image and a third D of haptic feedback. By using "control signaling technology," broadcasters can rattle your phone just as the ball is buried in the net during the latest World Cup qualifier. They can even flash LEDs in sync with the ensuing melee of drunken fisticuffs. Best of all (we think this is good news), the technology is not limited to S.Korea this time; it's patented in 20 countries and is "applicable to all mobile broadcast methods" including DMB (of course), MediaFlo, DVB-H, and presumably any annoyingly late-to-the-game version of mobile DTV the ATSC folks might spew forth.

[Via Telecoms Korea]

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