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Samsung's R55 sports "world's first" HHD


Just over a month since releasing their HHD to OEMs, out pops an 80GB Hybrid Hard Drive in Samsung's venerable M55 lowly R55 laptop. They're calling it an "industry first" even though we all know damn well that LG announced leaked their HHD-equipped R400 laptop back in March sporting Samsung's own MH80 hybrid. While Samsung is quick to tell us about all the efficiencies and robustness gained with the introduction of that 256MB of flash memory, they remain alarmingly quiet about the price differential when compared to traditional disks. Flash ain't cheap. So thanks for the update Sammy, but we're still curious about the pain for the perk.

Update: It's the R55, not the M55. Post updated.

[Via PC Joint]

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