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Tritton AXPC USB surround sound headphones -- Xtreme?


Sorry Tritton, but whenever you slap the "Xtreme" moniker onto any product (Audio Xtreme PC), we're required by law to point and laugh at you. That aside, we're sure these new TRI-UA512 AXPC USB headphones are just peachy. It's always rather dubious to hear we're going to get "true" 5.1 surround sound out of a pair of cans, but with four speakers in each ear, things are going to get at least a tad bit directional. There's a removable mic included for VoIP or game chat on the quick, and an in-line volume adjustment doohickey has controls for all four speaker sets. Looks like you can grab one of these sets for $60-$80 at various online outlets, which isn't bad for what you're getting -- just don't expect to be blown away here, we won't.

[Via I4U]

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