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Voco alarm clock has mini-Jeeves to wake you from slumber


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The class wars are over (and have been for a few months apparently, as that's how long this Voco alarm clock has been around) as any subject of Her Majesty's Commonwealth -- hell, the world -- can now be woken in the morning by their very own "gentleman's personal gentleman." Stephen Fry in his P.G. Wodehouse role does his duty here by providing the virtual voice of civility in the form of the Voco valet alarm clock. Complementary to the usual beeper, the Voco has an internal speaker with 50 different voices to draw you out of your restful slumber in a polite, old English manner. A shame perhaps, since we've found that the most effective English lingo for getting out of bed tends not to be one with correctly pronounced 't's, but one that goes something along the lines of "get your arse outta bed!" If you're lucky enough to be in the regular companionship of a Brit, then that announcement comes free of charge too, whereas the Voco will set you back £29 and 90 pence (or ~$60).

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