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Awesome Alone in the Dark trailer, nuff said [update]

Nick Doerr

It's time for another flowery post on a game that I'm personally excited about. We're talking about Alone in the Dark -- headed to the PS3, 360, and PC "later this year". We've talked about it a few times before, but we haven't had anything really exciting to show you other than our fantastic mad writing skillz. The "z" makes them more extreme... or X-treme, as the case may be. Now things are changing -- we've got a trailer for you to download and it's pretty excellent (you'll have to click the "launch player" button on the right of the website).

It starts off with a "everything you see is real-time gameplay footage" disclaimer which makes the following scenes all the more impressive. Taking place around events focusing on the pseudo-mystery of Central Park in New York City, something supernatural is out to get you! Whatever... the trailer does a much better job of setting the story up. Anything that gets an insane choir singing in some other language (reminded me a little of the Ghost in the Shell movies/series... and a bit of Suikoden III's opening) is going to get gamers pumped. Let us know what you think.

[update: apparently the trailer is really old, but it doesn't change the fact that it's cool, right?]

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