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Crytek: You'll poop your pants!, Us: Thanks?

Justin McElroy

In what's sure to become the "flaming ninjas" quote of the modern era, Crytek chief Cevat Yerli has dropped the following bon mot about the aliens in his forthcoming game Crysis: "The first time you see them you'll shit your pants!" In other news: Crytek is having a hard time keeping testers. Yerli continues in his chat with CVG, describing the shooter as like "the last good horror game you played," but different during every session. (How long until you make bad-bad in your shorts this time? Five minutes? Ten? You've gotta play to find out!) Needless to say, he never really reaches the heights (or is it the lows?) of his prior proclamation of bowel-movement-inducing scares.

Of course, there's no release date yet for the game, so there's always the chance that the ravages of old age could finish the grim work of making us game in our own self-mess before Crysis can get to us. Let's hope not.

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