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Keepin' it real fake, part LV: Nokia N95 gets cloned


We love Tuesday, and even more so when said day includes a couple knockoffs of the ever-so-hot Nokia N95. The Nokia-N95 and MB1500 (pictured top and bottom respectively) eschew sliding action for the traditional candybar format, a touchscreen (complete with that ever-present set of fixed icons on the lower part of the screen), forward-facing camera, and various other specs that we can't make out from the pics. The MB1500, however, has a rear camera that claims to be a Carl Zeiss 5 megapixel piece with autofocus and appears to be running something resembling Windows Mobile 6 (the doubt factor on both those points is at an all-time high over here at Engadget central). These handsets looks fairly legit, and judging by the real N95's popularity, we can expect a few more iterations like this, the highest form of flattery, in the coming months.

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