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Lodenfrey's io-Jacket utilizes GPSoverIP tracking technology

Darren Murph

Utilizing hybrid GPS tracking technology to locate things whilst inside a building has wandered over into the commercial realm a few times before, but Germany's Lodenfrey is hoping you'll keep said technology overtly near and dear to your heart. The io-Jacket, which had one unit built to raise money for the "Humans for Humans" foundation, doesn't differ too much from other gizmo-laced jackets that have come before at first glance, but if you look beyond the built-in Bluetooth, integrated MP3 player, touch-sensitive control pads, and dashing good looks, you'll notice the compatibility with GPSoverIP. This functionality enables the wearer to upload "real-time tracking data" via their cellphone to a website, where a paranoid parent or mission commander could keep watch on the situation regardless of buildings. No word on future pricing or availability options just yet, but the one unit that was auctioned off for charity fetched €2,960 ($4,019) -- which is reportedly about €740 ($1,005) less than the cost of construction.

[Via The Raw Feed]

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