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Nintendo increasing Wii production to flood planet


It's worth noting that the alleged plentiful supply of Wii we expected Nintendo to supply post launch simply couldn't keep up with demand. So much so that major retailers called foul on Nintendo and reporting shipments of Wii to stores is still appreciated by readers. reports that a Nintendo spokesperson has confirmed to them plans to increase Wii production are now in effect. was told, "For the first three months of this year we have been producing one million hardware units per month. We are increasing the manufacturing capacity and forecast to ship 14 million in this fiscal year to our distributors and retail customers globally."

Nintendo says they expect a steady flow of Wii through 2007. They also say they've sold 5.84 million units and coyly add that they can't predict when the shortages will subside because there's just so much demand. That's fantastic that Nintendo is ready to flood the world with Wii, now if we could just get some first-rate Wii developed software to go with it.

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