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Ask Engadget: What's your favorite media player these days?


After many long, lonely months on hiatus, Ask Engadget is back! That is to say, we're expecting good work from you folks -- since, like always, you'll be doing the answering to the questions that you're also sending in. How it works is you hit us up at ask at engadget dawt com, and then let your fellow Engadget readers sort it out in the comments. Last time we had Joey looking for some Moto Q tips and tricks (that old thing?), and now we're going to kick off a whole week of Ask Engadget with a question from one of our own:

"So, a lot's changed in the last coupla years. What's your favorite portable media player these days? And don't say iPod, I know."

Hopefully that'll get the ball rolling, be sure to hit us up with your own questions, if the answer isn't yes or no you may just see it up on Engadget. So, what say you?

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