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AT&T botches Nokia N75 launch, pulls from site

Chris Ziegler

Seriously, AT&T, stop playing with our emotions like this. Either you have the N75 available for sale or you don't -- but please, none of this wishy washy "we'll put it up for a little while, then remember that we still don't have any to sell and pull it from the site" business. For a phone this hotly anticipated by the Nokia, Symbian, smartphone, and 3G faithful, you'd like to think that the largest GSM carrier in the United States would run a significantly tighter ship in bringing this one to market, rather than give us a few hours of perceived availability followed by an ominous "Temporarily out of stock" warning in place of the "Add to cart" button. Bah, who are we kidding? Anyone taking bets on when these things will actually be widely available?

Update: It seems a few lucky folks are still able to see the phone listed as in stock. For the emotional well-being of the remainder of the country, we hope AT&T gets its story straight sooner rather than later.

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