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Replace your mouse with a DS, eliminate work-related fanboy downtime

Nilay Patel

Adding to the list of questionably-useful ways to use your Nintendo gear, German hacker Dankredues posted up a little app that lets you use the DS screen as a mouse. While it's no MIDI keyboard or homebrew tilt sensor, the app seems like it could make an interesting and cheap tablet for you to knock out that Princess Peach fanime you keep talking about. Wacom's not going to be losing sleep over this anytime soon though -- right now the software is available only in German, requires you to hardcode your IP address into the source before compiling, and opens two ports on your machine: one each for X and Y coordinates. Ouch. Give the dude some credit, though, he's only 14. True fanboys can prove their mettle by nabbing the software at the Read link.

[Via DS News]

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