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Bush 15.4-inch HD-ready TV aims low, fails

Nilay Patel

The quixotic race to make the world's smallest HDTV got a little tighter today with this 15.4-inch TV / DVD combo from Bush. Featuring 720p resolution and an HDMI port, it's not the smallest HD-ready panel we've ever seen, but it's certainly the smallest you can actually go out and buy. While you probably won't be using this little guy to settle that 1080i-vs-1080p debate, we're not going to complain about hi-res panels filtering down to even the cheap-o TV / DVD player combo level. We are going to complain about the ridiculous £250 ($500) this thing will set you back, though, as well as the lack of a Freeview tuner, which means you'll need some kind of external box to view any HD content. No deets on availability, but with a plethora of solid 19- to 22-inch HD-ready displays at that price point, it's not like anyone's really chomping at the bit here.

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