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Call of Duty 4 trailer


Sure, you could wait until the NFL draft on ESPN today to see the "exclusive worldwide reveal" of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ... or you can just click the movie above. CoD4 was pseudo-announced earlier this week when advertisements for the game showed up on our own little piece of the intertubes. Now game announcements can come in many forms, either from the actual company, ESRB, Gamefly or even the advertisements on our own website.

It definitely looks like Call of Duty is going in a different direction, for better or worse will certainly be determined by sales. It looks like we've got some nasty "Eastern Europeans" and jihadists. Fighting Nazis is pretty cool across the board, but delving into the modern political climate may hit just a little close to home. Check out the trailer above to see if it reminds you of a stylized version of the six o'clock news.

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