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Mazeltov! It's an Elite ... and what the heck is that?


Today we celebrate the birth of the Xbox 360 Elite. The $479 console comes black as a moonless night is for all you folks who just gotta have those HDMI ports. Other than HDMI, the hard drive upgrade cost is frackin' ridiculous and we've got far better color options before dropping that kind of money. Hopefully those who decided to purchase the brand new Elite system, which we'd hope wouldn't have the same issues as the non-Elite, won't have the problem found in the video after the break.

As an aside, we really can't help ourselves on this one, what's that thing in the picture? Found in this week's Gamestop/EB Games flyer and sent in earlier this week by one of our tipsters, we didn't know what to think about this. Apparently Microsoft has come out with some kind of Xbox 360 lite: it's shrunk, inverted and altered. Either Gamestop accidentally leaked another Xbox 360 SKU (they've been known to do it) or this is a terrible graphic of the HDD-less, wired controller-having Core unit we all know and love. Bring the flyer into the store and demand that model and let us know how it goes!

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[Via Xbox360Fanboy, Thanks Micheal R.]

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