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Intel, Skype partner for free international SkypeOut calls on Mother's Day

Darren Murph

Haven't picked mom up a special Sansa C250 just yet? Weren't even planning on it? Well now you can stop fretting about where the coinage will come from to buy her a gift, as Intel and Skype have teamed up to offer the Gift of Gab come May 13th. The two firms will be charging the low, low price of nada for unlimited SkypeOut calls to landlines or mobile numbers that originate in the US or Canada for Mother's Day, giving us boys and girls here in the top sections of North America a full 24 hours to concoct and deliver an appropriate speech to that overseas-based mom. Of course, this offering could ensure that the "busiest calling day of the year" remains the champ in 2007, but regardless of what everyone else is doing, make sure you pencil in a phone call of your own a couple Sundays from now -- there's just no excuse left.

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