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Jobs officially confirmed for WWDC keynote

Ryan Block, @ryan

Not that there was any question of who'd be delivering this year's WWDC keynote, but for those concerned it might not be Steve, Apple allayed all worries today by confirming His Jobsness is indeed dishing (and thankfully not for three hours). Of course, with the iPhone launch scheduled within the next couple of weeks after the show, we expect to be hearing a lot about that little number. As might be expected, attendees will get to see a "feature-complete" version of Leopard up on stage, but that won't be the same as the new beta they'll get to tinker with until October, when the real deal hits the streets. Sounds like all those secrets about what 10.5 can really do will be revealed that day, so mark your calendars, it's all going down Monday, June 11th.

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