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ProCare to be split into two services

Mat Lu

For the past several years Apple has offered the ProCare program for $99/year. Basically, there were two classes of service that ProCare subscribers were entitled to: 1) priority service at the Genius Bar, including 14-day advance appointments (versus 2-days for regular folks), and 2) one-to-one personal training from Apple Store "Creatives." Now ifoAppleStore is reporting that these two classes of service are being split into separate programs, each $99/year.

According to ifoAppleStore, ProCare will continue to offer priority repairs and access to the Genius bar, while the personal training will become a new program called "One2One." If there's any upside to this doubling the price/halving the service move, it is that it's supposed to take place on May 2nd. That means you have the rest of today to get in under the wire for the old price. If you had ever been seriously considering ProCare, today might be the day to act.

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