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Calling all Cars! delayed AGAIN - David Jaffe crushes my dreams

Colin Torretta

Considering the game has only taken 11 months to make, it seems like we've been waiting forever for Calling all Cars. Unfortunately, it appears we're going to have to wait a little longer. David Jaffe confirmed today on the NeoGaf forums that Calling all Cars! will NOT be coming out this Thursday, negating what he said last week.

Evidently, there were a handful of major bugs that were discovered at the last second that caused Sony to delay the release and push the game back indefinitely. It also turns out that the May 3rd release date was never official, and that Jaffe actually got in trouble from Sony for suggesting it did. Jaffe expressed hope that it will pass QA soon, but was clearly wary of offering up an exact release date.

But don't worry, according to the rumors, we are getting Super Rub-a-Dub as a replacement this week!

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