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Flash game offers doorway into madness

Justin McElroy

The above is not a screenshot. It's a portal into insanity. Seriously, we're not even sure that you want to click it, lest you lose your already tenuous grip on reality; for that is the price of Game, Game, Game and Again Game, the weirdest thing that's ever happened to us.

We know that sounds like hyperbole, but we don't know what else to call a "game" that forces you to collect hand-drawn syringes, represents your score with spinning arrows and punishes you for dying by replacing your "character" with the words "Not Alive" as a disembodied voice chants "C'mon and meet your maker." Also, one of the game's alternate titles is belief systems are small clumsy rolling-type creatures. So ... yeah, it's a singular experience to say the least, but if you can get past the weirdness you'll see the game mocking video game conventions and the very nature of man ... simultaneously. Designer Jason Nelson is either the next Miyamoto or the next Ted Kaczynski. The jury's still out.

[Thanks, Jackson F.]

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