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USB fish bowl: placeshift feeding, settings -- but not your love

Darren Murph

As if crafting a glitzy fish bowl in the shape of an anchor wasn't enough to catch your eye, the Comfish bowl sports the same type of user-controlled interface as various other forms of life-in-a-box, but utilizes a USB connection in favor of WiFi. The tank manages to pull off the same kind of magic as the Wi-Aquarium, as the built-in USB port allows owners to supply power to the filter and control internal conditions such as bubble production and water temperature. Interestingly, the device also seems to sport an integrated camera, which purportedly allows the owner to watch the action on screen instead of having to wheel around and actually face your ferocious fish. The Comfish bowl looks to come in a variety of colors and shapes, so just in case the 49,000KRW ($52) pricetag hasn't reeled you in just yet, be sure to check out a few more pictures of the tank / interface after the break.

[Via AVing]

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