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Nokia N75 hands-on - part 2, launches the 4th

Ryan Block, @ryan

Hard to believe we had to wait until 2007, but here we are, finally able to say Symbian, 3G, and US all in the same sentence. Even after last week's misfire launch of the N75, Nokia's uber-hot flip phone made its way into our grubby hands under more legitimate circumstances than last time. Knowing how slim HTC made the Star Trek, it's hard to call the N75 anything but a little chunky, but besides having, you know, 3G, it's got a few other things going for it: we really dug the classy black, copper-flecked finish, but crack it open and it's got a very spacious keypad and large bright screen (littered with Cingular app-swag). We took a ton of shots of this thing, including some size comparison's to Nokia's other Cingular handset, the E62, as well as the aforementioned Star Trek. Launch is thankfully still scheduled for sometime in May (i.e. this month) -- we can almost taste it.

Update: We just got an official launch date! The N75 will go on sale tomorrow (Friday, May 4th) for the price of $200 (with two year agreement and with $50 mail in rebate).

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