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DS Phat browser not available in stores

Justin McElroy

If you have a DS Phat but not a DS Lite, you probably won't mind the news that the $35 Opera-based DS Web browser hitting June 4 for your system won't be available in stores. You're probably just the sort of rebellious, go-it-alone type that will get what you want by any means necessary, even if that means purchasing online. But you're probably also the sort of mind-bogglingly cheap skinflint that would sooner flush their sister's asthma inhaler down the toilet before spending money on shipping. So we find ourselves at an impasse.

Nintendo isn't releasing names of all the online shops that will carry the Phat browser, but did point out that it will be available on its own Web site. We don't know if many Phat owners will be willing to part with the cash, but those who will probably appreciate being able to do so in the privacy of their own home, far from the whispers and quiet giggles of the Lite enthusiasts. Do they not realize that their stares are daggers?

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