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    Gateway's C120X convertible tablet PC gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Gateway's C120X, which is curiously also dubbed the E-155C and S-7125C, didn't look like a half bad option for the convertible fans in the crowd from the start, and while the weight and less-than-enthralling LCD may turn some folks off, NotebookReview found it a "solid" tablet for the money. One noticeable perk was the stylish, professional design and the sturdy nature of the enclosure, but opening it up put a sudden damper on things when peering at the "grainy, washed-out" touchscreen. Reviewers did admire the Wacom-enabled stylus, the lack of heat and noise while in use, and "impressive" speakers, but a bevy of minor quibbles kept it from excellence. The biggest digs came from a loose screen hinge, keyboard flexing, and just "normal" battery life from a ULV-equipped machine. Essentially, this tablet looks to be a classic example of ho hum, as it offers no real standout features that can't be found elsewhere, and provides just enough quirks to turn off the picky consumer, but feel free to give the full scoop a read if you're still perched on the fence.

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