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LG demos phone for China's TD-HCDMA

Chris Ziegler

In a country dominated by one-off alphabet soup oddities like DMB-T/H, EVD / VMD, and TD-SCDMA, it only stands to reason that China would once again shun global standards when time came to re-up data speeds on its cellular networks. TD-HCDMA, also known as HSDPA TDD (you writing this all down?), is the backward-compatible spiritual successor to TD-SCDMA, raising peak downstream speeds from 384kbps all the way up to 2Mbps on the same fragment of bandwidth. Having filed patents for the tech now in China, Korea, and the US, LG has now become the first manufacturer to demo equipment utilizing the bizarro new standard -- just video calls and whatnot for now, but they're apparently well on their way to commercial viability in early 2008. The idea is apparently to have the network totally good to go in and around Beijing by the time the Olympics hit, but something tells us no one from outside China is going to be toting compatible equipment. [Warning: subscription required]

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