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Nintendo moving on up ...


... to the East side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky.

In all seriousness, the company could be looking to relocate its troops somewhere else, as Game Informer reports Nintendo is looking to relocate to greener pastures outside of the Microsoft-inhabited Redmond, Washington. Of the potential cities in the U.S. where they could relocate, apparently San Francisco and New York are in the top running. Nintendo of America employees also supposedly received notification yesterday regarding this move, offering them severance packages should they not wish to relocate. These new offices could be opened as early as this Fall.

With the Nintendo World Store in New York, we're confident that Nintendo might go there since the large store already gives them a good presence with the public. Of course, the rain and cold could be something they aren't looking forward to, so San Francisco would be a natural choice given that situation (also, it's closer to Japan). And with all the different branches of Nintendo of America having a presence in Redmond, Washington, this move is definitely going to affect the entire company. Here's to hoping it's a good one, should it come to pass!

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