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RCA releases Gem DAPs, leaves out the best part


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While we're required to suppress a gag reflex to even look at these things, RCA's Gem DAP lineup is cheap and available, so we thought it was worth a heads up. There's nothing much different from the last time we spotted these, but here's a quick rundown all the same: The RCA Opal (pictured) has 2GB of storage, a 1.5-inch color OLED screen, 15 hours of battery life and sells for $75; the 1GB RCA Pearl has room for microSD, runs for 15 hours on a AAA battery and costs $49; the "rugged" RCA Jet, which also happens to be the only passably good-looking member of the bunch, offers 1GB of storage, a high contrast OLED display and 15 hours of battery for $69. Unfortunately, missing from this lineup is the RCA Jet Stream, our favorite member of the team, which features Kleer Wireless tech for wireless stereo headphones minus the Bluetooth overhead, cost and clunk. RCA promises the Jet Stream -- which is otherwise identical to the RCA Jet -- later this year.

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