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Why we're excited : Sony's new licensing department

Peter Vrabel

SCEA recently announced a new licensing department to help permeate the Sony name amongst its many markets. It appears their intent is to "increase awareness of the company's brands and characters, and to expand collaborations with new and existing business partners." (The butchering of a beloved franchise like Twisted Metal by Uwe Boll has our stomachs in knots). Personally, we hope to see more creativity with this licensing department than just the standard action figures, messenger bags and film adaptations. We'd much rather prefer a more unique take on a proven franchise. Imagine Twisted Metal as an adult cartoon, stylized in the spirit of Frank Miller? But why stop at mere film adaptations? Why not the idea of collaborations between development studios? For example, a SOCOM-based strategy game, as told by Konami, made to fit the PSP? As long as we're allowing our imaginations to run a little wild here, how about EA's take on the Motorstorm or Jet Moto franchise, ala Road Rash? Portable, muddy and delicious Road Rash? Yum.

While it may be quite a stretch to think Sony's new licensing department would allow such a top-selling IP to simply walk out the door and into the hands of an indie development team, it's not entirely unheard of. After all, look at Sega's collaboration with both Gearbox and Obsidian Entertainment on the Alien franchise and Disney's past collaboration with Square Enix for Kingdom Hearts?

So, a question to you, dear reader. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your favorite development studio took on the reigns of a first-party Sony title and reimagined it as a PSP title? Dare to dream, because you never know ...

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