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Solar-powered beambots scurry about, shun batteries

Darren Murph

While we wouldn't expect you to create your own city-powering solar tower in just 72 hours, the folks at MAKE have unveiled a sweet weekend project to get the frightened DIY novices in the crowd involved in robotics. The cleverly-dubbed beambot can be created from spare parts junking up your garage (or for the hardcore, your silverware drawer) as well as pre-packaged kits, and best of all, the energy required to bring these machines to life is available for free during standard daylight hours. The solar-powered bots don't do much besides walk around, explore the terrain, and become gradually less active as dawn approaches, but we're sure the more highly trained robotics engineers could bolt on a slingshot and quickly devise an underground beambot fighting championship. Regardless of your plans this weekend, be sure to visit the read link if you're dying for an excuse to cancel 'em.

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