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Tell us about 'yer lucky charms!


So we've all had time to get used to the "lucky charms" icons for parties and (more commonly) raid targets. At first, I'll admit that they were a real source of confusion to me, but before very long I was extremely used to them. Since then, my guild uses them almost every chance we get, right down to harassing each other with them. Of course, now that I'm used to seeing and using them when running raids, I can't help but wonder how we ever got along without them in the first place. Those little icons have just made things so much more simple from a targeting aspect. (Of course, you should be targeting off your main assist, or other assigned assist if you're not the tank or MA, but the raid icons do help all that along...) This post on the World of Warcraft LJ today asking about what kind of raiding symbols are commonly used made me stop and wonder if there is really a somewhat "standard" icon used by many guilds and raiding groups for first target. However, as there are only a handful of answers there, I thought I'd bounce this question off everyone here and try to get a broader sampling -- just for curiosity's sake.

So, tell us -- what are the "kill this first" icons for your guild or raiding group? Does your guild/group have pet names (like "thong") for some of the raid target icons? How about whether or not your raiding group uses them for other than marking kill/CC/tank targets, such as the one player who says that skull is used for people in trouble? My guild favors Skull for main assist, X for off-tank or second kill target, depending. From there, it's blue square for the Main Tank's target, purple diamond is sap target, thong and moon are CC targets. How about you?

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