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Ultra Rumor: CVG says Blizzard announcing Starcraft MMO


CVG is reporting that Blizzard's big announcement at the Korean World Wide Invitational (WWI) May 19 is an MMO based on Starcraft. Either CVG has the best inside Blizzard source ever, or some writer at CVG is begging for a pink slip reporting this as fact. CVG says, "The unveiling of the new installment [of Starcraft 2] has previously been rumoured for the South Korea event, though we now know that the title is in fact (emphasis ours) an online spin-off and not a new RTS game as previously assumed."

Despite saying the information is straight-up-fact, we can't help but be in shock and awe of the information. If true, it would open up a Pandora's Box of questions. How far is this MMO along? Will Blizzard really unleash another MMO to compete against their already insane mega-hit World of Warcraft, which sits comfortably perched atop the MMO ladder with 8.5 million subscribers? Starcraft 2, as an RTS, being announced at the Korean event would have made perfect sense, but this "fact" based information that CVG received seems to blow that out of the water.

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