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Aussie uses pants to hide stolen projector

Darren Murph

It's one thing to have the cops roll up to the wrong retail location while you scurry away in the opposite direction, but to get away unscathed after cramming a mammoth projector down your pants is rather incredible. In yet another case of heists gone awry, a presumably desperate and unprepared Australian duo set out to snag what was likely the largest projector in the store, but rather than using a backpack (or eying one of those miniature models), the crooks decided that shorts were best. After wrestling with the device and even getting on both knees in an attempt to stuff it all in there, the primary suspect finally covered the excess up with his oversized tee and managed to waltz out with his accomplice as store employees probably dolled out sympathy thinking that that the poor lad had kyphosis. Regardless, we certainly hope the boys in blue manage to nab these fellas and throw in a count of abusing their rights to be idiotic while they're at it. Hit the read link for the comical video.

[Via Wired]

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