PS3 crime spree, the missing episodes: heist goes awry, witness murdered

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.05.07

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PS3 crime spree, the missing episodes: heist goes awry, witness murdered
'Tis a sad day in society when nearly two months after London showed us all how a crime-free launch is supposed to go that two separate incidents involving a PlayStation 3 left one witness dead and another dazed. In a case of local bartering gone terribly wrong, a crook posing as an interested buyer reportedly snatched a PS3 without paying, and rather than listening to a witness who tried to inject reason, the culprit resorted to stabbing the man to death and darting off with the blood-stained machine. On the other side of the pond, the UK finally did fall victim to console crime, as a crazed robber entered a Blockbuster and demanded a PS3, only to find that the object of his desire was in fact "sold out." Being the bright lad that he obviously was, he hastily decided that settling for an Xbox 360, a handful of games, and a fistful of pounds would have to do. Best of all, the robber was probably able to get in a few rounds of Gears of War before needing to go underground, as the boys in blue were initially dispatched to the wrong store location while the bandit built a solid lead. C'mon folks, if you're going to steal, at least snag the one console that still isn't a common sight in retail locations -- or don't criminals understand the concepts of supply and demand?

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