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Soul Calibur ... Adventure?

Jason Wishnov

In this week's IGN Wii-k In Review podcast, Mr. Casamassina unleashed a rumor that promptly sent eighty-nine fans into spontaneous combustion (including poor David, his skin is coal black): Soul Calbur might be coming to the Wii. He refuses to speak the title by name, fearing some sort of silly massive lawsuit, but he comments that a very popular third-party fighting franchise seen on the Gamecube is coming to the Wii. Unless you count the import Naruto 3, Soul Calibur from Namco is pretty much the end-all-be-all of third-party fighting games on the 'Cube.

However, he also comments that the franchise will no longer be seen as a fighting game, but as an adventure game. The mythos behind Soul Calibur certainly has the potential to drive a fully-fledged adventure, but will the play mechanics remain similar? And are we just getting this as a runner-up prize because the 360 and PS3 might receive the long-awaited Soul Calibur 4? Only Miss Cleo time will tell.

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