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Starz Edge, Comedy, and Kids & Family to go HD this summer

Darren Murph

For those of you out there who adore that Starz movie package, but find yourself yearning for more of the selections to be in HD each time you cycle through, the channel's CEO hears you loud and clear. Apparently, Starz Entertainment will be complimenting Starz HD by upgrading a trio of the current sister channels to high-definition this summer. The company will reportedly be mirroring the East coast feeds of its Starz Comedy, Starz Edge, and Starz Kids and Family channels as it looks to offer up HD versions of "first-run hit movies." Interestingly, Bill noted that he was actually hoping the new lineup would encourage HDTV owners that aren't subscribed to an HD suite through cable to hop on board, and while we aren't certain of an exact date that the three new channels will morph into HD, summertime's almost here.

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