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Wal-Mart's HDTV pricing puts competition in a world of hurt

Darren Murph

Let's face it, consumers eying an HDTV are looking at the pricetag just as often, if not more often, than the picture quality, contrast ratio, or number of HDMI inputs. Companies like Vizio who have entered this cutthroat market and excelled have done so on price, and no one knows price better than Wal-Mart. The mega-corp has been adamant about undercutting big box retailers, and while you aren't likely to walk into a Wally World electronics section and find the clean, uncluttered, and well-stocked shelves that a next door neighbor may have, you're likely to stomach the environment for a few minutes in order to save a few Benjamins. An MSNBC writeup took a look at how Wal-Mart's industry-leading price scheme is potentially hurting the other guys, and it even goes so far as to suggest that the recent store closings and layoffs at Circuit City, Tweeter, CompUSA, and Rex Stores were all triggered by the giant slashing prices to acquire razor-thin margins. Of course, it's no secret that HDTV prices in general have been sinking like a stone over the past half year or so, and while the boutiques are banking on customers finally coughing up the extra dough for "knowledge staff" and better all-around service, we're betting that price still remains king in the land of HDTV.

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