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"Anti-violence" electrode shock gun brings the (non-lethal) pain

Nilay Patel

Although we've seen a variety of different non-lethal weapons come and go, all that choice has led to a dilemma for the riot-trooper on the go: what to pick? Skunkbombs? The laser rifle? The Taser shotgun? Techwise is hoping to eliminate all that decision-making with their "anti-violence" electrode shock gun -- a pistol-shaped not-a-weapon which accommodates cartridges for virtually every type of non-lethal force you can imagine: a 30KV pulse charge that can incapacitate a person up to 3 meters away, rubber bullets, paint capsules for marking offenders in a crowd, an "electric stick" stun gun mode, and a pepper cartridge, which Techwise claims causes extreme discomfort at up to 5 meters. Our favorite, though, has got to be the ultra-bright Xenon light used for "giddying," or assaulting a person's senses to make them dizzy and lightheaded -- something that sounds to us like they expect you to run up to the bad guys and shine a flashlight in their eyes. We'll stick with the pain gun, if you don't mind.

[Via RedFerret]

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