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EZNEX ENA7000: the cubed FM transmitter, handsfree liaison

Darren Murph

EZNEX's latest device packs a fair amount of utility into a 28- x 29- x 30-millimeter block, as the wee ENA7000 allows users the luxury of having two ways to transport sound out of their handset or portable audio player. For mobiles without built-in Bluetooth, you can simply plug this unit in and tune your FM radio to match the output on the LCD screen in order to hear handsfree conversations through your car stereo; moreover, you can connect the cute little fellow to your favorite DAP and listen in whilst driving -- if you can manage to find an open FM channel, that is. The device also touts a built-in rechargeable Li-ion cell, promises eight hours of uninterrupted usage, and looks to come in a variety of colors. Unfortunately, we Americans aren't likely to see this thing in person anytime soon, but it will be available in "late May" to South Koreans for around ???30,000 ($32).

[Via AVing]

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