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Halo UVX ultraviolet vacuum kills germs while you clean

Nilay Patel

Don't look now -- unleashing that army of singing Roombas might make your floors seem clean, but you're still leaving a lot of microscopic bacteria and parasites behind. While we're not sure this is all that bad -- hasn't killed us yet! -- Halo is betting on the more severely Type A to freak out and drop $399 on its UVX ultraviolet vacuum cleaner, which claims to kill those nasties while sucking up the evidence of last night's Wheat Thins fight. In addition to standard vac features like HEPA filtration and "industry-leading suction," the UVX sports a UV-C light source in the vacuum head, which Halo says kills bacteria, parasites, viruses, fleas, lice, and mold by "disrupting the DNA features of their cells." Wow, maybe they should just slap a Spider-Man logo on this thing and let it sell itself.

[Via Freshome]

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