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Replacement Adobe CS3 icons galore

Mat Lu

Back in January we mentioned a contest over at Quark Vs to design replacement icons for Adobe CS3. That contest has now ended and the entries are available for download. Coincidentally, Joshua Bryant also has a post up linking to a variety of replacement CS3 icon sets. I have to say I don't really get the judges over at Quark Vs Indesign, as the first place winner there is a bit over the top in my view. Nonetheless, both sites have more subtle icons sets that I think are far superior to the default Adobe periodic table icons. Of all of these, I personally favor the gorgeous set by Adam Betts (right) based on the CS3 box design.

So if you're looking to augment or replace your CS3 icons check out Quark Vs Indesign and Joshua Bryant for a lot of options.

Do you have any other favorite CS3 icon sets not mentioned?

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