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First Postal III screens emerge, bore

Justin McElroy

If you're Running With Scissors, and you're dropping the first images of the next iteration of your controversial yet uniformly bad Postal series, would you go with barren city streets? Or would you put out screens of Gary Coleman humping a zebra being ridden by Osama bin Laden, or whatever it is exactly that happens in Postal games? Well, we hope you chose the first option, because that's what you're getting.

Maybe we're just not looking close enough. Do you see anything shaped like a racial stereotype, even if you squint? No, neither do we. Well, hey, maybe the Postal brand is being moved away from clumsy attempts at "edginess" or mediocrity? Nope, negative on both counts. Wait, that's it! Maybe the most surprising thing that Running With Scissors can do at this point is not depict a gun barrel being put in a cat's anus! Maybe to be truly offensive is to defy our expectations. Or, you know, maybe they're just early shots. It's one of the two.

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