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Pelican adapter promises to bring Guitar Hero to PS3

Evan Blass

It looks like the long wait is over for Guitar Hero fans impatient to get their thrash on with the currently Hero-less PlayStation 3, as a new USB adapter from Pelican promises to succeed where others have floundered and enable controllers from both PlayStation 2 versions to work on the newest console. As you may recall, the compatibility problem arises from the guitars' lack of the PS button required to start PSone and PS2 games on the PS3; Pelican's adapter addresses this issue by sporting a PS button of its own, along with three LEDs to indicate whether the unit is in regular, Guitar Hero left, or Guitar Hero right mode. Sounds pretty snazzy, and if it works as promised, may allow you to finally retire the old PS2 once and for all.

[Via Joystiq]

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