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Rock Band's dubious $300 Gamestop price


Gamestop listed prices for EA/MTV/Harmonix mega-title Rock Band's peripherals and we sincerely hope there is an error. Before going any further, please take this info with a brick of salt until we've received official word on pricing from the cluster of companies involved in handling this title. Also, Gamestop's website is notoriously unreliable in early pricing. So, here we go, just prepare yourself:

  • Rock Band - $59.99 (No shock there, Xbox 360 and PS3 both listed)
  • Rock Band drums set - $79.99 (Yikes)
  • Rock Band microphone - $49.99 (Wha?)
  • Rock Band guitar controller - $59.99 (No, get serious now)
  • Rock Band wireless guitar - $79.99 (ARE YOU FRACKIN' ... wait, wait, wireless controller, hmm?)
The cost of Rock Band, according to this very early, very dubious, listing would come in at $309.95 wired ($349.95 wireless). Did EA and Harmonix flat-out err in judgement going into the peripheral manufacturing business on their own, or does Gamestop simply need to update their pricing? Turn the insanity up to 11 if this is true. Now, how do we afford our Rock n' Roll lifestyle?

Update: Apparently this issue came up a month ago. A representative for Rock Band said at the time, "Let me nip this one in the bud right now. Those are estimated prices and not official in any even remote way. We haven't even decided on prices ultimately, much less announced them." Then why are these "estimated" numbers still floating out there and shouldn't somebody pick up the phone and go tell Gamestop corporate? If these prices are merely "estimates," they're the bad kind of estimation.

[Thanks Vlad]

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