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    Sony Ericsson P1 gets reviewed

    Chris Ziegler

    Well, that didn't take long; GSM Arena has already had the opportunity to put the just-announced Sony Ericsson P1 -- or a preproduction version of it, anyway -- through a thorough battery of tests. The good news is that they appear to have concluded that it's the best Sony Ericsson (and likely the best UIQ) smartphone to date, but the very (very) bad news is that the QWERTY keyboard is described as "half-QWERTY, half-TORTURE." The 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera appears to produce admirable pictures, the WiFi support is said to be great, and the version of UIQ loaded on the P1 seems the most refined around. But man, a torturous keyboard? Sounds like a deal-breaker to us, especially considering that it lacks EDGE data (but has UMTS... seriously, Sony Ericsson, what's that all about?) and GSM 850.

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