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Sprint's PPC-6800 dubbed the Mogul?

Darren Murph

It's bad enough that nearly every HTC handset that makes its way into a carrier's lineup inevitably gets rebadged and renamed, but this one's sure to make you scratch your head. Just hours after hearing that the handset is likely to miss its May launch by a few months, we've now caught wind of an interesting teaser site that leaves little doubt about what phone is behind the silhouette. Interestingly, the Sprint, HTC, and Qualcomm sponsored site boldly states that the pictured device is not the PPC-6800, but rather the Mogul. It then continues on by insinuating that this 007-esque gizmo can handle just about any mission you task it with, but fails to provide any concrete information beyond that. Hey, you've got to find some way to keep interests piqued until October, eh?

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