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Want Phantasy Star? Have $10? Let's make a deal


Phantasy Star Universe isn't for everybody, but those looking for an addictive, Diablo-style dungeon crawler won't find much better on the Xbox 360. Of course, that fact is offset by the addition of monthly fees, which send many gamers running for the hills. If you've been wanting to try PSU but were scared off by monthly charges, then we may have a deal for you. Amazon is currently selling the game for the rock-bottom price of $9.99. Heck, at that price, you could buy the game and play it for 5 months before you exceeded the average price of a 360 game. Not a bad deal if you're looking for some Rappy-slaying action.

Of course, the game does have a single player mode as well, so it's quite a bit of gaming for not a lot of scratch.

Any takers?

[Via Xbox 360 Rally]

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