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The Jubei'thos train ride

Amanda Rivera

The horde over on the Jubei'thos (Oceanic) realm know how to have a good time. If, by a good time we mean a long trek across deserts, marshes, and wastelands. At 12 am server time they banded together to form what they called "the WoW train." They started the excursion in Shattrath and walked, single file, out the gates. Their destination was Karazhan, oddly enough.

Archaicous describes a skirmish they had along the way as they marched up the Stairs of Destiny. He says "our train was derailed by the Pit Commander and his minions. We later all [resurrected], put our gear back on an[d] downed the Commander just in spite." They had a lot of fun that evening, and confused a couple Alliance players along the way.

I must play on a boring server because we never get this organized in the spirit of fun. Sure, there is the odd "everyone get on their reindeer mount and meet me in IF for a photo session," but I'm pretty impressed by Jubei'thos' ingenuity. Evidently they formed the "WoW train" without the use of any VOIP programs, purely within the game. Are there any antics on your server like this? What do you do when the grind and the instances just aren't that all that interesting anymore?

[via Archaicous]

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