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TUAW Tip: An easier way to email your logs

David Chartier

Since we play around with a lot of pre-release and beta software in the name of you readers, we often have to email logs to developers to help them iron out quirks that help an app get all growed up from alpha to beta and to the big release version. As any of you who have gone through this kind of testing will know, it aint always the easiest process to deal with. Typically, all this emailing involves lots of copy/pasting, file - saving or juggling at least a few files. Fortunately, I just stumbled upon an easy trick that will hopefully make some of our beta testing lives easier. It turns out you can add a Mail button to the Console app, allowing for a one-click process to embed all the text of the current log you're viewing in a new Apple Mail message (not as a file attachment), ripe for firing off to a developer. Either right-click the toolbar, or go to the View menu, and chose Customize Toolbar to find this button.

Unfortunately, this appears to only work with Apple Mail; I tried setting both Entourage as my default email app (I know, I cringed when writing that myself) and even the Google Notifier to see if this would work with Gmail. Entourage created a new message, but the log gets fubarred when automatically pasted into the message, and Gmail simply returns a 'Bad Request' error without creating a message at all. I guess I picked a good time to switch back to using the wonderful Mac OS X integratedness of Apple Mail.

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