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RIM CEO says BlackBerry shutdown "won't happen again"; BlackBerry addicts yell "it better not!"


We know, we know, you're still shaking from the "BlackBerry blackout" the other month: fortunately, the co-CEO of RIM Jim Balsillie feels your shakes. In an interview with eWeek, Jim let the company's customers know that a blackout on a similar scale as April's outage will not happen again. As we know, the cause of the outage was insufficient testing, and Jim now admits that it was "completely avoidable," which probably isn't the best way to boost confidence. As RIM goes about learning from its big mistake, Jim stated that when the service did go down, vital public safety areas were the first to be pushed back online. Only later on did the consumer section go back up (with a flurry of "omg wut hapened?" emails, no doubt.) Hopefully, now you'll be able to go back to your completely technology reliant life in peace, although we doubt that customers will be fully convinced by Jim's reassurances. Hey, it could be worse: at least he didn't try to rebrand the outage as an international day of "thumb rest."

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