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The Boy Genius Report: Sprint's May "Playbook"

Chris Ziegler

Field tidbits from Engadget's mobile insider, the Boy Genius.

We've seen a copy of Sprint Nextel's "Playbook" dealer mag for the month of May -- a real page-turner, might we add -- and it's given us some detailed insight into the carrier's plans for the next few weeks. Look for prices to take a nosedive on four models: the grey RAZR falls to $24.99 while its red counterpart and the LG Fusic both go for $29.99 (all after rebates and contract, of course) starting this week, followed up by the Sanyo 3100 dropping to $19.99 starting this coming Friday. Making debuts this month are the Samsung m300 and m510; the first of the two will go out the door for a song (free, to be exact) when it launches this week, featuring Bluetooth and a VGA cam in an unusually attractive shell. The m510 meanwhile ups the ante with A2DP, microSD expansion, a 1.3 megapixel camera, and EV-DO data for $129.99 -- and yeah, we can expect that this week, too. Between those suckers and the Treo 755p, this month isn't turning out half bad for Sprint customers, now is it?

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